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I am now brining answers to the world of Yahoo!Answers.

The question was:”One more week till college starts and I’m really nervous. Any advice, please?”

Read my response here.

My username on Yahoo!Answers is Audie The Badger (big surprise right?).

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer (on Yahoo!Answers or otherwise):

-Post in the comment section of this post (or any post for that matter)

-Send me an email at

-Or even send me a link to your question on Yahoo!Answers

I’m working on a YouTube channel currently, so you’ll eventually be able to ask me questions/post your opinions there too!

I want to hear from you!


Audie The Badger




About Audie The Badger

I am going into my first year at Brock University. I've been a drummer for over 3 now, and have played in a few bands. Send me a message if you want to chat about all things music, or if you have questions about anything you see on my blog.

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