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How To Survive Midterms (The Week Before)

I can’t take your midterms for you and I can’t make the test easier, but I can make taking the test easier. Here’s 5 things you should be doing the week before your midterm/test.

1. Sleep

I know, it’s easier said than done, but not only is sleep amazing, it actually helps you remember what you learned the day before! Try to get 7-9 hours of shut-eye. It’s hard and close to impossible, so good luck.

2. Study

It’s a no-brainer. But here’s some food for thought, if you review the material before you go to sleep (for those elusive 7-9 hours) you will remember it better.

3. Deep Breaths

A relaxed brain is a helpful brain when it comes to studying and taking a test. Take deep breaths, in through your nose out through your mouth. Your mind follows your breathing. Also, you absorb more oxygen through your nose and oxygen is vital for survival.

4. Plan It Out

Plan your work out so you have a rough idea of what you’re doing everyday. That way you have time for everything from studying to sleep to socializing. You can even plan out time to have an enjoyable Friday night. BAM.

5. Take Breaks

Your brain can only absorb so much information at once. Take a 10 min break for every hour and a half you spend studying. That way you stay motivated, just be sure to resume studying when you’re done your break.

That’s all for now badgers. Check back next week for “How To Survive University Tests and Midterms (The Night Before)”

Good Luck,

Audie The Badger

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It’s A Beautiful Day

Just like that U2 song, It’s a beautiful day. 

It’s a beautiful morning badgers!

On the agenda today:

-Tips for first years (11:00 am)

-Vendor Fair (10:00 am)

-The Amazing Race (noon)

-SexEd Lecture (6:30pm)

-Games Night (8:00 pm)

-Comedy Night (9:30 pm)

It’s a day packed full of awesome activities.

Get out there and get yourself some,

Audie The Badger

O-Week Day 1


Dear Boomer,

Greetings from badger land!

I moved in today. The move-in day helpers were great, they got everything from the car to my room in one trip!

After my mom tried to organize the kitchen (I live in townhouse style residence), we went for a ‘healthy’ lunch at McDonald’s.

When we came back, I said goodbye. It was hard, but I found comfort in the fact that there are plans for me to come home the weekend after O-Week.

After a chat with my housemates, we meet the rest of our court. O-Week finally began!

We played a game, and went out to dinner. All with our court. When we returned to our house, we opened the door and watched as the people flooded in.

It’s really nice that when a house opens their door, even if you don’t know who is inside, you can go in and introduce yourself. There’s a great community feel here at Brock, I really feel like I’m home.

The first major O-Week event was tonight, the tower party.

I got my Brock Card swiped at one of the mobile swipe stations (they count the number of swipes you have and you have the possibility to win prizes!)

While I didn’t end up going to the tower party, I hung out with some of the great people I met. Some I had just met, and others I had met through Brock at LEAP.

All in all, a pretty excellent start to an amazing year.

Goodnight Badgers,

Audie The Badger

Last Minute Vacation!

Hey badger blog readers!

This week my family and I are going on vacation to the lovely land that is Tobermory. Thus, there will not  be a post on Wednesday due to lack of wifi in the great outdoors. While I apologize for this, I promise there will be daily posts for O-week and the weekly updating will resume on Tuesdays.

Also, I have a badger blog now with the Brock University Student Union (BUSU)! Woot! I’ll be blogging there, as well as here. The content will be the same and once I get started I’ll post a link.

Happy “Less than two weeks until the start of school”!

-Audie the Badger

There Will Be Badgers!



Badgers, Badgers everywhere!!!

Move in day is only 12 days away! If you haven’t received your move-in information yet, check out Move-In Day to see this years info for Brock (if you don’t go to Brock, it’ll help you get an idea of what you should get).

For those of you who don’t know, Brock is all over the internet. There are badgers everywhere! 

Because there is SO much information about Brock out there for students, I’m going to try to make life a little easier by getting as much info as I can in one place. I am on Twitter and Youtube, subscribed to all things Brock, so that they are easy to find. Follow me on Twitter @AudieTheBadger and subscribe to my Youtube channel here .

Right now I’m following nine Brock Twitter accounts and two Brock youtube accounts, and will be doing some tweeting/video posting of my own once I hit St.Catharines.

So keep yourselves informed badgers and if you have any suggestions for people, pages or channels I should be following/subscribed to, let me know!


Audie The Badger





Now On Yahoo!Answers



I am now brining answers to the world of Yahoo!Answers.

The question was:”One more week till college starts and I’m really nervous. Any advice, please?”

Read my response here.

My username on Yahoo!Answers is Audie The Badger (big surprise right?).

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer (on Yahoo!Answers or otherwise):

-Post in the comment section of this post (or any post for that matter)

-Send me an email at

-Or even send me a link to your question on Yahoo!Answers

I’m working on a YouTube channel currently, so you’ll eventually be able to ask me questions/post your opinions there too!

I want to hear from you!


Audie The Badger




EDIT: My deepest apologies, I thought the link would work. Good news is it’s fixed now! 

The schedule for O-week is out!

Check it out!

O-Week Schedule For Brock University!

This was an extremely short post, but more to come soon 🙂

Packing Time!

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve started to pack some of my university stuff and I’m already at 3 boxes!

I got my bedding today (woot!), but there’s still at lot to do.

I have copied and pasted my inventory list so far into the packing list page. It is kinda rough right now, but it will be organized soon! Right now it is organized by box, not so much by area of use (ie: Kitchen, Bedroom etc).

Happy Packing,

Audie the Badger

It’s Just A Tree Grandma


Happy Sunday!

This week I attended a wedding (and thus this is late). My apologies.

I recently visited my grandparents, and showed them the Brock Book. My grandma, being excitable, goes to the second page and says one of the following:

a) “Lovely grounds”


c) None of the above

If you went with “b”, congrats. You guessed it right! Thanks for playing Stuff My Grandma Says.

My grandma didn’t read any of the information in the book, she just looked at the pictures of the grounds and made a fuss over every leaf she saw. I never expected anyone could be so excited over a tree, but I don’t think it was really about the tree. I think it was about showing her support for my decision to go to Brock any way she could.

Be warned students (of today, tomorrow and otherwise), people show their support in different ways. While my grandma freaked out over the foliage, my  grandpa wanted to read through the book and analyze every single picture he saw. My mom continually shows her support by helping me pick out, and pack, everything I’m going to need this school year.

These are all obvious ways people show support, but sometimes people show their support in ways that can hurt our feelings.

Going to university is a BIG change, especially when you are going away for university. You might have someone in your life, be it parent or otherwise, who is angry that you are going away. Every time someone mentions university, their blood pressure rises and they get upset. If you have one of these people in your life, here’s what you need to know:

1) It’s going to hurt. 

Honestly, it hurts. The yelling, belittling, and snide remarks all hurt. It is best to just admit that their sharp comments sting. If you pretend otherwise, they might feel like you are going to university to cause them pain. That isn’t to say  that you should start bawling at their feet, but try telling them calmly, “it hurts that you don’t support my decision to go to “.

2) They have reasons for being upset.

It could be that they are mad for financial reasons, your schooling is going to be expensive. Think about this: if your attendance at was out of the price range you wouldn’t have applied to go there. If you applied and chose a school without informing those involved in paying for school, that was the wrong thing to do. Those involved are allowed to be unhappy with you. If those involved with paying were involved every step of the way, they knew where you were applying and knew where you wanted to go, they should be quiet. If your school wasn’t an option, they wouldn’t have supported your decision to apply to that school, and you wouldn’t have been blindsided by their anger.

Anger might also be their way of dealing with you going off to school. They might be anxious, scared or excited, and it comes off as anger.

Generally speaking, if you did not intentionally intend to hurt the angry party by choosing your school, they should support YOU, even if they can’t support your decision.

3) Try to make friends.

When around those upset by your decision, avoid talking about school. Let them know that you never meant to hurt them, but the school you chose is the one that is best for you (both academically and otherwise). About 10 days ago I told my angry party that I could use their support on move-in day. I told them that leaving home and going to school is going to be a giant step for me, and I asked that they be there on move-in day. I then informed them that they had about 40 days to be okay with seeing me off, but that they didn’t have to be okay with my choice. They just need to help me move  in and be there for me throughout the year.

So there you go, how to deal from someone who has been there . And who is still there. Right now.

Good Luck (and maybe wish me some too),

Audie The Badger

Oh and P.S, if things get too intense, talk to a professional. End of story.


OUAC Marks Sent!

If you don’t know what this is about, click here

Happy Wednesday Boomer!

Today I checked my Brock account and found that the first amount of money I owe is about $9000 dollars. This is what I get for going to a school away from home, I have to pay for residence. Lucky me though, I can save at least a couple hundred by opting out of the medical insurance and dental plan *phew*. It’s due in less than a month and I still haven’t applied for OSAP yet. My mom was doing some research and she told me that it might be cheaper if I took out a student loan from a bank, instead of using OSAP. I’m going to have to look into that .

I still am having issues finding my last couple housemates, they don’t seem to be on the residence Facebook site. I’m thinking of emailing Brock to see if they can pass along my information to my housemates (because they won’t release my housemates information to me). Wish me luck! I have found two of my housemates (there’s five of us in one townhouse). We already have a kitchen list, and are working on getting all the stuff we put on it.

There’s only 40 days until Move In day! Holy shit. I’m scared and excited at the same time.

Talk to you soon,

Audie the Badger